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ScholarAI Hits 250K Users: A Milestone in Trustworthy AI Research

Join us in celebrating our milestone of 250,000 users—empowering researchers and professionals with cutting-edge AI technology for scholarly work.

ScholarAI Hits 250K Users: A Milestone in Trustworthy AI Research

Journal Club: A ScholarAI Use Case

Optimize your journal club prep with this ScholarAI use case: Find papers, get summaries, and pinpoint key points quickly.

journal club with scholarai

A ChatGPT Plugin: ScholarAI's Role in Smarter Research

From the roots of LLMs to ScholarAI's integration with ChatGPT— Learn about our history and how to transform your research workflow with ScholarAI.

ScholarAI and the ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin

Knowledge Graphs, Vector Embeddings, & Semantic Search with ScholarAI

Explore how ScholarAI enhances ChatGPT-4 with knowledge graphs, vector embeddings and semantic search for accurate AI responses.

ScholarAI: Harnessing Knowledge Graphs, Vector Embeddings, and Semantic Search

Unlock ScholarAI Premium: Advanced Features for Expert Research

ScholarAI Premium introduces image extraction and direct question answering to enhance research in science, medicine, and beyond.

ScholarAI premium graphic

ScholarAI's Breakthrough: Transforming ChatGPT into a Research Powerhouse

Explore how ScholarAI's plugin for ChatGPT enhances research with trusted AI, offering access to a database of over 200M scholarly articles.

ScholarAI and the ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin