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Be Specific with Keywords
Use precise and relevant keywords to narrow down your search results. For example, instead of searching for "cancer," try "immunotherapy for breast cancer."
Utilize Boolean Operators
Use operators like AND, OR, and NOT to refine your search. For example, "CRISPR AND gene editing" or "renewable energy NOT solar."
Leverage Customizable Sorting
Depending on your needs, sort results by relevance, citation count, or publication date. This helps prioritize the most pertinent or recent articles.
Set Time-Specific Filters
If you are looking for the latest research, set a date range to filter results within your desired publication window. For example, searching for papers published in the last five years.
Check Peer-Review Status
Ensure the credibility of your sources by filtering results to include only peer-reviewed articles.
Use Advanced Search Features
Explore advanced search options such as author name, journal name, or DOI if you are looking for specific papers or authors.

Prompts To Get You Started

Plug these in or use as inspiration to get going.

"Can you find recent peer-reviewed articles on quantum entanglement in particle physics?"

"Search for highly cited papers on CRISPR technology advancements in genetic engineering from the last five years."
Health & Medicine
"Provide me with the latest research articles on the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against emerging COVID-19 variants."

"Find studies published in the last decade on the impact of air pollution on respiratory diseases in urban areas."
"Find articles discussing the implications of recent data privacy laws on international business operations."

"Search for peer-reviewed articles on the enforcement of environmental regulations in developing countries."
"Search for papers on sustainable construction materials used in earthquake-resistant buildings."

"Locate recent research on the development of high-efficiency solar cells."
"Provide abstracts of papers published in the last five years on blockchain technology's impact on financial transactions."

"Find highly cited articles on the role of leadership styles in organizational change and innovation."
"Search for recent peer-reviewed articles on the impact of social media on traditional news consumption."

"Find highly cited papers on the ethical challenges faced in investigative journalism in the digital age."
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