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Tips, Tricks & Sample Prompts

To ensure that you get the most out of every ScholarAI search. Plug our prompts in or use as inspiration to get going.

Be Specific with Keywords
Use precise and relevant keywords to narrow down your search results. For example, instead of searching for "battery," try "lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles."

Sample Prompt: "Find patents related to lithium-ion battery technology specifically designed for electric vehicles with enhanced charging efficiency."
Utilize Boolean Operators
Use operators like AND, OR, and NOT to refine your search. For example, "blockchain AND cybersecurity" or "artificial intelligence NOT healthcare."

Sample Prompt: "Find patents on blockchain AND cybersecurity, focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi) applications."
Leverage Customizable Sorting
Sort results by relevance, citation count, or publication date, depending on your needs. This helps prioritize the most pertinent or recent patents.

Sample Prompt: "Find patents on artificial intelligence in medical diagnostics and sort by the most recent publication date."
Set Time-Specific Filters
If you are looking for the latest innovations, set a date range to filter results within your desired publication window. For example, searching for patents published in the last ten years.

Sample Prompt: "Find patents on renewable energy technologies, particularly wind turbine innovations, published in the last ten years."
Check Legal Status
Ensure you understand the current legal status of patents by filtering results to include granted, pending, or expired patents.

Sample Prompt: "What is the legal status of patent number US9876543B2?"
Explore Patent Families
Investigate related patents filed in different jurisdictions to get a comprehensive view of the innovation landscape.

Sample Prompt: "Find related patents filed in different countries for CRISPR gene editing used in agricultural biotechnology."
Identify Key Players
Search by inventor name or assignee to identify key contributors and organizations in your field of interest.

Sample Prompt: "Find patents by inventor Elon Musk related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure."
Monitor Patent Expirations
Track patent expiration dates to identify opportunities for entering new markets or using expired technologies.

Sample Prompt: "Track patent expiration dates to identify opportunities for entering new markets or using expired technologies."
Leverage Full-Text Search
Use the full-text search option to explore the detailed content of patents, beyond just titles and abstracts.

Sample Prompt: "Search full-text patents on machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance in manufacturing."
Utilize Citation Analysis
Look at patents that cite or are cited by other important patents to identify key developments and prior art in your field.

Sample Prompt: "Identify patents citing Tesla, Inc.'s patents on electric vehicles."
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