GPT User Guide

Explore our comprehensive GPT user guide for instructions and tips on maximizing the potential of ScholarAI's features for your research needs.

Accessing our GPT

If you still find yourself with other questions, check out our FAQs page or reach out to our team.

1. Sign in to your ChatGPT account

2. Click on 'Explore GPTs' on the left side of your ChatGPT dashboard

3. Find ScholarAI on the trending page or manually search our name

4. Our GPT will now be saved on your left with your chats. Click on the ScholarAI GPT and ask a question

5. ChatGPT will then prompt you to sign into your ScholarAI account before answering any questions

6. Return back to your chat and click "Always Allow" when requesting access to the ScholarAI Plugin

GPT Features

Take a deep dive into each ScholarAI feature.

Abstract Search
Search across 200M+ scientific texts.
Literature Mapping
Navigate through connected papers to find the source of the info you care about faster.
Neural Net PDF Reading
Read scientific PDFs in more depth than ever before.
Literature Review
Accelerate the creation of literature reviews and systematic reviews.
Literature Gap Analysis
Discover gaps and areas of opportunity in the scientific literature to make your mark.
Direct Q&A
Get direct answers from questions directly from source material.
Table & Figure Extraction
Extract insights beyond text by pulling answers from images and tables.
Citation Management
Generate and manage citations of any format.
Project Management
Customize ScholarAI to you by uploading your knowledge base of papers, protocols, and results.

Features Deep Dive

Take a look at our core features with tips on how to get the most out of your searches.

Abstract Search

Unlock the vast world of scientific research with our Abstract Search feature - providing access to 200M+ peer-reviewed articles from leading databases like PubMed, Springer, Arxiv, Science, IEEE, and more.

Precision Searching
Use specific keywords or questions to narrow down results to the most relevant papers for your research.
Customizable Sorting
Organize search results by citation count or publication date, or rely on ScholarAI's relevance sorting to prioritize the most pertinent articles.
Time-Specific Filtering
Focus your search on a particular timeframe to ensure the articles are within your desired publication window, or explore broadly by leaving dates unspecified.
Learn more about our Search Abstracts feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Literature Mapping

Explore detailed outlines mapping how selected papers relate to the broader scientific landscape - highlighting trends, gaps, and key developments.

Contextual Connections Between Studies
Receive detailed outlines that illustrate how research papers are interconnected, showing direct and indirect influences, citations, and summaries.
Broad Landscape Overview
Gain a panoramic view of your research domain, including adjacent fields and interdisciplinary connections.
Customized Exploration
Narrow your search to focus on specific aspects such as influential authors, pivotal papers, or particular subtopics - tailoring the exploration to your research needs.
Learn more about our Literature Mapping feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Neural Net PDF Reading

Leverage cutting-edge neural network technology to read and summarize scholarly PDFs, making complex content more accessible and digestible.

Customizable Summaries
Tailor the summary output to fit your specific needs, whether you're looking for a brief overview or an in-depth abstract of the document's key points.
Interactive Query Support
Engage with your uploaded PDFs and pose specific questions to receive precise, context-aware answers extracted directly from the document.
User-Friendly Interface
Enjoy a straightforward platform where you can easily input PDF links or uploads and customize your output options, all designed for optimal user experience.
Learn more about our PDF Reading feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Literature Review

Streamline your research with our Literature Review feature, meticulously designed to support you in synthesizing, analyzing, and evaluating a broad range of scientific articles.

Key Information Highlighting
Automatically identifies and highlights essential data points, key findings, and critical terminologies across multiple studies. Assisting you in pinpointing the most impactful elements of your research, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of thematic trends and advancements in your field of study.
Customizable Summary Depth
Customize the depth of your summaries to fit your research needs. Whether you require a succinct overview or a detailed exploration of the methodologies and results of pertinent studies, our tool adjusts to provide the level of insight you need for your literature review.
Interactive Summaries
Engage with the summaries through our interactive interface that allows you to pose questions and seek clarifications. Designed to deepen your understanding of complex topics and enhance your ability to critically assess and integrate research findings into your review.
Learn more about our Literature Review feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Literature Gap Analysis

Identify unexplored areas within existing literature using our Literature Gap Analysis feature to pinpoint opportunities for groundbreaking research and contributions.

Identification of Under-Researched Areas
Pinpoints topics, themes, and questions that have received minimal attention, highlighting opportunities for novel research and contributions.
Cross-Disciplinary Opportunity Detection
Identifies potential for cross-disciplinary research by revealing gaps that intersect with other fields, encouraging innovative and collaborative approaches to complex questions.
Trend Analysis
Analyzes trends within your field to determine areas of growing interest that lack sufficient research, guiding you towards timely and impactful study topics.
Learn more about our Literature Gap Analysis feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Direct Q&A

Interact directly with scholarly texts to ask specific questions and receive detailed answers with our Question and Answering feature, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex topics and data.

Engage with Content
Pose direct questions to clarify uncertainties or explore aspects of the research in greater depth.
Customizable Answer Detail
Adjust the level of detail in answers according to your requirement, whether you need a quick overview or a deep dive into the topic.
Leverage External Resources
Utilize this feature with any scholarly PDF, allowing for flexible and comprehensive exploration of content beyond ScholarAI's database.
Learn more about our Question & Answering feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Table & Figure Extraction

Extract and analyze visual data such as images, charts, and tables from scholarly articles using our Table & Figure Extraction feature, enhancing the comprehension, accessibility presentation of research findings.

Visual Data Accessibility
Easily retrieve and review critical visual information from within texts for detailed analysis.
Customizable Output Settings
Tailor extraction settings to match your specific needs, choosing what types of data to prioritize and in what format they should be saved.
Export and Sharing Options
Incorporate extracted visuals into your research or presentations, providing clear, evidence-based arguments and findings.
Learn more about our Table & Figure Extraction feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Citation Management

Automate and streamline the citation process with our Citation Management feature, supporting a range of formats and integration with reference management tools.

Support for Multiple Formats
Offers extensive support for various citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and more.
Integration with Reference Managers
Seamlessly integrates with popular reference management tools such like Zotero.
Easy Bibliography Creation
Compile and format your bibliography with ease, automatically sorting and organizing citations according to academic standards.
Learn more about our Citation Management feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.

Project Management

Elevate your ScholarAI journey with our Project Management feature - designed to store and organize your specific knowledge, enabling a customized experience in both GPT and Copilot for unparalleled insight and efficiency.

Direct PDF Upload
Effortlessly add PDF papers to your Projects within the ScholarAI Copilot. There's no longer a need to find and use public URLs; simply upload your PDFs directly.
Multiple PDF Management
Pose multiple questions, and ScholarAI will produce a comparative table displaying each paper's responses to the questions posed.
Unlimited Papers + Projects
For a brief period, enjoy the freedom to upload an unlimited number of papers and create as many projects as you need.
Learn more about our Project Management feature, its applications, and tips + tricks.
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