ScholarAI Pricing

To access our GPT, you must be a ChatGPT subscriber.

Any ScholarAI subscriber may use our Copilot as an alternative to ChatGPT.


✨ For Trying ✨


per month

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  • 5 credits one-time only
  • 3TB of data upload to ScholarAI Copilot
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✨ For Everyone ✨

$9.99 / $95

per month / per year

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  • 50 credits per month
  • 9TB of data upload to ScholarAI Copilot


✨ For Professionals ✨

$18.99 / $185

per month / per year

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  • 100 credits per month
  • 15TB of data upload to ScholarAI Copilot


✨ For Enterprises ✨

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Everything in Community, plus:

  • Unlimited ScholarAI Access
  • Pay per Use Structure
  • Enterprise Discounts
  • Data Sharing Across Teams
  • Collaboration Space

Students! 📚

If you're an active student, no worries! We're offering a student discount that will keep subscription prices similar to what they were before. Here's how to access and apply your discount:

1) Sign into your ScholarAI Copilot account
2) Go to ‘Billing and Usage’
3) Look in the top right corner for a box that says ‘Request a Student Discount’
4) Use your .edu email to generate a one-time code

5) Apply that code to your plan!

Purchase More Credits

Credits are applicable to the ScholarAI GPT and Copilot.

25 Credits
50 Credits
100 Credits
500 Credits

Keep In Mind...

* One credit = approximately 1 AI generated response in the ScholarAI Copilot or between 10-20 AI-generated responses in the ScholarAI GPT depending on use. *

** Please be aware that longer conversations will consume credits at a faster rate **