Journal Club: A ScholarAI Use Case

Optimize your journal club prep with this ScholarAI use case: Find papers, get summaries, and pinpoint key points quickly.

November 08, 2023
journal club with scholarai

Journal clubs are a cornerstone of academic growth, offering a forum for presenting and dissecting scholarly articles among researchers. A common challenge associated with journal clubs lies in efficiently preparing for these insightful sessions.

In this blog, we'll dive into the use case of journal clubs using ScholarAI, a tool designed to revolutionize preparation for both presenters and attendees. With ScholarAI, sourcing relevant papers and grasping their key elements has never been easier - ensuring that every participant is prepared and can engage deeply with the material.

What are Journal Clubs?

A journal club is a group of individuals who meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in academic literature, such as the scientific literature or medical literature. Journal club typically consists of a single presenter and many audience members. It is a common expectation that both the presenter and audience members be familiar with presented material ahead of time.

Where does ScholarAI come in?

ScholarAI makes getting the most out of journal club easy. For presenters, ScholarAI can help find papers on a given subject. For audience members, once the presenter has provided the reading material, ScholarAI can instantly provide summaries, identify key points, and provide link to the full text of the to-be-presented sources.

In total, ScholarAI becomes an instantly valuable tool for both the presenters of journal clubs and audience members –– saving time and effort for busy students and professional researchers.


Finding Papers for Journal Club

ScholarAI’s most popular function is finding references. See above how Damon (co-founder at ScholarAI) is using ScholarAI to prepare for his presentation at this month’s journal club.

In the image below, we see ScholarAI identifying the latest research about nanopore technology for protein sequencing – a fascinating technology that can decipher the amino acid sequence of proteins based on their electrochemical signatures. Click here to see ScholarAI answer this question in action.


Reading Papers for Journal Club

Another way our co-founder Damon uses ScholarAI is to read papers that will be presented at Journal Club ahead of time.

In the image below, we see ScholarAI summarizing the most important aspects of a paper that will be a cornerstone of the upcoming presentation. This overview primes the users attention to specific point as they read the full text (instantly accessible via the hyperlink inside of my ChatGPT chat).

Click here to join the conversation with ScholarAI about de novo protein biosensor design. As demonstrated in this conversation, if your initial results with ChatGPT and ScholarAI are not perfect, be persistent. The AI will learn what you need and become better over time. If you want to learn more, check out our new FAQ page here.


ScholarAI redefines the journal club experience, streamlining the way presenters and audience members interact with academic literature. By saving time and demystifying complex research, ScholarAI allows students and professionals to focus on what truly matters: the critical analysis and discussion of scholarly work. Embrace the change and enhance your journal club sessions with ScholarAI – where preparation meets efficiency.

Ready to elevate your journal club experience? Join our journey toward reliable and accurate AI and sign up for ScholarAI here.

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