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Advanced AI to tranform your ideas to inventions faster

Abstract Search

Search across 200M+ scientific texts.

Literature Mapping

Navigate through connected papers to find the source of the info you care about faster.

Neural Net PDF Reading

Read scientific PDFs in more depth than ever before.

Literature Review

Accelerate the creation of literature reviews and systematic reviews.

Literature Gap Analysis

Discover gaps and areas of opportunity in the scientific literature to make your mark.

Direct Q&A

Get answers from questions directly from source material.

Table & Figure Extraction

Extract insights beyond text by pulling answers from images and tables.

Citation Management

Generate and manage citations of any format.

Project Management

Customize ScholarAI to you by uploading your knowledge base of papers, protocols, and results.

AI-Powered Scientific Insights Tailored To Your Work

Use ScholarAI with or without ChatGPT.

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An interface dedicated to science. Available to everyone. Powered by GPT-4 Turbo.
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A ChatGPT-integrated solution for science. Available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Powered by GPT-4 Turbo.
Build using our API to create your own customizable ScholarAI tailored to your research realm & preferences.

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Join a community of over 500K scientists, students, and professional researchers turning their ideas into real-world impact with ScholarAI.

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More than 900K conversations have been powered by the ScholarAI GPT on ChatGPT, connecting users with advanced AI insights and scientific literature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the ScholarAI Plugin?

As of March 2024, OpenAI and ChatGPT have made the official decision to discontinue all further use of Plugins. In replacement of our Plugin, you can expect a parallel experience with our ScholarAI GPT.

How do I access the ScholarAI GPT?

You can find the ScholarAI GPT here. For step-by-step instructions on installation, access our GPT User Guide.

How is the Copilot different from the ScholarAI GPT?

The ScholarAI Copilot offers a dedicated research project management platform for users, outside of ChatGPT, that is free to try for everyone. The Copilot is powered by GPT-4 Turbo.

How do I access the ScholarAI Copilot?

Everyone can try the Copilot for free here.

ScholarAI Across Scientific Literature

See where we've been mentioned in 60+ scientific publications.

"ScholarAI provided a brief abstract of this paper, which allows us to quickly grasp the main ideas and importance of the paper. In addition to this key publication, the plugin also identified other relevant studies, each summarized with essential details. This enables us to get a quick understanding of each paper’s contributions without needing to read the full texts."
"Our study strongly supported our hypothesis, showing that among four AI models, ChatGPT 4 and Scholar AI Premium excelled in classifying single-curve scoliosis with perfect sensitivity and specificity."
"For instance, when students encounter a new subject, it is essential to extract and acquire foundational information and knowledge. We explored the use of the ‘ScholarAI’ plugin in ChatGPT-4 to facilitate this learning process. This plugin is capable of generating notes and summarising key points from these papers, proving to be particularly useful when focusing on specific aspects of a disease,"
"Tools like ChatGPT (and its various plugins such as ScholarAI) [...] have demonstrated a strong capacity for producing succinct summaries of research papers. Some of these LLM-based tools are capable of producing research summaries that reach human parity and exhibit flexibility in adjusting to various summary styles, underscoring their potential in enhancing accessibility to complex scientific knowledge."

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