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We're building tools to help researchers and clinicians do their best work with trustworthy AI by their sides.

The ScholarAI GPT and the ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin connects users to peer-reviewed research articles.

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Database of 200M+ Scholarly Articles Accessible

Access over 200M trustworthy, peer-reviewed articles ranging from science and medicine to business and law available right at your fingertips.

Over 250K Users Actively Using ScholarAI

A community of over 250k students, researchers, business professionals and clinicians are saving time, energy and resources daily by using ScholarAI.

#1 Science Plugin on ChatGPT

For over three months, ScholarAI has held the spot as the #1 ChatGPT Plugin in the science category.

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"ScholarAI has been built to try to minimize the number of false hallucinations ChatGPT has, and to back up its answers with solid research. You can get the plug-in to link back to the paper on the web, and to quote specific lines from it, in order to double-check the answers that you're being given."
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- Wired
"Along with providing the necessary information, ScholarAI will also provide links to books or other sources where relevant content can be found. A helpful addition to the plugin is that it will refer the user back to the original PDF URL if it does not know the answer to a given question instead of making up an answer through AI hallucinations."
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- Yahoo! Finance
"This plugin provides summaries, full text, or citations of scientific literature using only the URL of a PDF published online. It also offers links to books or other relevant sources. If ScholarAI doesn't have an answer to a question, it refers the user back to the original PDF URL."
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- Markets and Markets


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