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Discover unparalleled precision in your research endeavors with our AI-backed solutions, designed to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your work. Engage with a wealth of peer-reviewed articles and scholarly content, ensuring your findings and hypotheses are supported by credible sources.


"The ChatGPT plugin provided by ScholarAI has a profound impact on the communication of research findings among scholars. By democratizing access to scientific literature, ScholarAI enables researchers from all backgrounds to discover and build upon existing knowledge, leading to more accurate and comprehensive research outcomes."


Best UX for editors
Expansive Academic Database
Unlock a world of knowledge with direct access to a vast database 200M+ academic journals, articles, and research papers across various scientific disciplines.
React components
Advanced Search and Filter
Effortlessly navigate through extensive scholarly content with powerful search and filtering tools, ensuring you find the most relevant and impactful research for your work.
Design system
Citation and Reference Tracker
Easily manage your citations and references, saving time on bibliography creation and ensuring accurate and credible attribution of sources in your work.
Data Extraction and Analysis
Effortlessly extract figures, tables, and datasets from numerous documents for analysis, helping you derive valuable insights and patterns from your research data.

Dive deep into academic insights and propel your research forward with ScholarAI.