Plugin User Guide

Explore our comprehensive plugin user guide for easy-to-follow instructions and tips on maximizing the potential of ScholarAI's features for your research needs.


Installation Instructions

If you still find yourself with other questions, check out our FAQs page or reach out to our team.

1. Sign in to your ChatGPT+ account

2. Start a new chat and switch over to GPT-4

3. Select the plugins option and search for ScholarAI (you can also find us on the popular page). Click install and return to your chat

4. ChatGPT will prompt you to sign in to ScholarAI to access our Plugin. Enter your email when prompted and follow steps to recive your access code

5. Return back to ChatGPT where you should now have the ScholarAI plugin successfully installed

6. Ask our plugin questions and begin finding scholarly articles!

ScholarAI Features

Abstract Search
Search over 200M+ peer-reviewed articles.
Literature Mapping
Explore how a selected paper connects to related literature.
Neural Net PDF Reading
Bring a PDF URL to read and summarize it's full text.
Literature Review
Read + summarize full text articles.
Literature Gap Analysis
Identify information gaps in existing literature.
Direct Q&A
Ask direct questions about scholarly article.
Table & Figure Extraction
Extract visuals and data from papers.
Citation Management
Create and save citations of any format.

ScholarAI Plugin Features

Deep dive into our core features with tips on how to get the most out of your searches.

Abstract Search

Unlock the vast world of academic research with ScholarAI's Abstract Search, providing access to articles from leading databases like PubMed, Springer, Arxiv, Science, IEEE, and more.

Precision Searching
Use specific keywords or questions to narrow down results to the most relevant papers for your research.
Customizable Sorting
Organize search results by citation count or publication date, or rely on ScholarAI's relevance sorting to prioritize the most pertinent articles.
Time-Specific Filtering
Focus your search on a particular timeframe to ensure the articles are within your desired publication window, or explore broadly by leaving dates unspecified.

Literature Review

Deepen your understanding of research findings by accessing complete texts of papers that interest you, moving beyond abstracts to grasp the full scope of scholarly work.

Comprehensive Understanding
Explore methodologies, results, and discussions in detail for a thorough comprehension of the study.
Critical Evaluation
Assess the strengths, limitations, and implications of research to inform your own work or critique existing literature.

Neural Net PDF Reading

Leverage cutting-edge neural network technology to read and summarize scholarly PDFs, making complex content more accessible and digestible.

Efficient Overview
Obtain concise summaries of lengthy documents to quickly understand key points without reading the full text.
Focused Insights
Highlight significant findings, methodologies, and conclusions, saving time and directing attention to crucial aspects of the research.

Literature Mapping

Explore the interconnectedness of research through visual mappings that show how selected papers relate to the broader academic landscape, highlighting trends, gaps, and key developments.

Visual Exploration
Identify how individual papers connect within the research ecosystem, revealing influential studies and emerging areas.
Strategic Research Planning
Utilize insights from literature maps to guide your research direction, ensuring it addresses unexplored or critical areas.

Literature Gap Analysis

Identify unexplored areas within the existing literature, using ScholarAI's analysis to pinpoint opportunities for groundbreaking research and contributions.

Gap Identification
Discover topics and questions that have been overlooked or insufficiently covered in your field.
Proposal Strengthening
Enhance research proposals by addressing identified gaps, demonstrating the novelty and necessity of your work.

Direct Q&A

Interact directly with scholarly texts to ask specific questions and receive detailed answers, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex topics and data.

Engage with Content
Pose direct questions to clarify uncertainties or explore aspects of the research in greater depth.
Leverage External Resources
Utilize this feature with any scholarly PDF, allowing for flexible and comprehensive exploration of content beyond ScholarAI's database.

Table & Figure Extraction

Extract and analyze visual data such as images, charts, and tables from scholarly articles, enhancing the comprehension and presentation of research findings.

Visual Data Accessibility
Easily retrieve and review critical visual information from within texts for detailed analysis.
Comprehensive Analysis Support
Incorporate extracted visuals into your research or presentations, providing clear, evidence-based arguments and findings.

Citation Management

Automate and streamline the citation process with ScholarAI's citation management features, supporting a range of formats and integration with reference management tools.

Simplify Citation Creation
Generate citations automatically in various styles, facilitating proper attribution and saving time on manual entry.
Streamline Research Workflow
Export citations directly to Zotero or similar tools, organizing your sources efficiently and enhancing your overall research process.
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