scholarai for journalism

Credible Journalism Meets Trustworthy AI

In an era where fact-checking and source verification are more crucial than ever, ScholarAI provides direct access to a vast database of over 200M+ peer-reviewed articles and academic research.

"...Some have proven to be accurate and useful, including Scholar AI, a ChatGPT plug-in for journalists who are writing in-depth or investigative stories using academic research. It’s surprisingly good at accurately pulling and summarizing academic research. Once installed, you can ask it to search thousands of scholarly publications on a specific topic and summarize them."

- Mike Reilley, International Journalists' Network

Best UX for editors
Real-time Access to Verified Information
Instantly tap into a comprehensive database of over 200M+ peer-reviewed articles and academic research, ensuring your reporting is backed by reliable sources.
React components
Efficient Fact-Checking
Quickly cross-reference facts and details within your articles, providing your readers with accurate and trustworthy content.
Design system
In-Depth Background Research
Dive deep into your topics with access to extensive academic resources, enriching your storytelling with well-rounded perspectives and insights.
Easy Source Citation
Automatically generate citations for your references, maintaining the integrity of your work and building credibility with your audience.
Fact-check, cite, and create with confidence - all with ScholarAI.